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Re: Tip for making your fuel level sensor last longer

All of the reasons mentioned for keeping the tank full are good, here are a
couple more:

The larger the volume of air in the tank, the more potential for condensation
to form and contaminate the fuel with water. This is one major reason topping
up after sortie is a standard aviation practice.

And, you'll be ready for evacuation.

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal (2005.09.30:
"Modeling, Simulations Can Help a City Offer More Efficient Exodus" by Sharon
Begley). She described what people are doing to help avoid repeats of not only
New Orleans, but the Rita traffic jam. Here are the last two paragraphs:

  Bottom line: If you have six lanes of freeway (of which three are
contra-flow), then at 2,000 vehicles per hour per lane and 2.5 people per
vehicle, you can get about 600,000 people out of a city every 24 hours. You
can load more people into each car or use buses and trains, but evacuating 1.5
million souls will take two or three days. Getting people out of harm's way if
there is no advance warning (after, say, a radiological bomb) is just not in
the cards.
  One final word of advice: motorcycle.

John D