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Re: BMWMOA Mileage Contest Ends Tonight


On Sun, 09 Oct 2005 20:31:54 -0400 Wayne Woodruff <wayne@xxxxxxxx>
<<<  The form states you need 2 MOA member signatures, only 1 required if
it is a MOA chartered club officer.  I think being a "president" in the
oilheads or IBMWR list is not quite the same as a MOA chartered club
officer.  >>>

I did make one error in my posting.  In being polite and informing the
Oilheads of the end of the mileage contest, I included one set of
instructions which applied only to members of the BEEG list.  Oilheads
have a structure with a single president and club officers.

At the IBMWR (the BEEG list), we all hold the office of President of
BMWMOA chartered club #244.  It was set up that way.  I checked with
officers of the BMWMOA last year and an individual IBMWR President
qualifies for the single signature rule.

Again, sorry to have confused the Oilheads.

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