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Blown main seal. One more data point.

My PO had a blown main seal at 8,000 miles. With no evidence, he  
thought it might be due to overfilling. I can't say.

Only 10 weeks left to the Toronto riding season this year.


Ben Barkow, Toronto... 39 seasons on Beemers, 44 as a biker

1999 R1100S, 2004- Leo Vince exh, JetHot coatings, Techlusion 1031,
   large sticky foam filter, TB balance tube, 26 inch windscreen, air  
horns, Diablo Stratas

On 2005 Oct  25 , at 4:47 AM, oilheads-digest wrote:

> Rob, I just had the rear seal and clutch replace on my 2000 1100RT 3
> months ago. It had 23,000 miles on the bike.
> The seal went bad and it took out the clutch with oil on it. Like yours
> it would slip under load a higher speeds.
> $1400 later it is fixed at BMW of Daytona.
> I know it was out of warranty time wise, but 23000 miles? That's bad.
> Jack