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Re: oil filler cap

In a message dated 11/2/05 6:26:39 PM Eastern  Standard Time, marr@xxxxxxxx 
<<I keep getting vaporized oil  build up on my cap over the filler hole. 
The o-ring seems to be in fine  shape. I gather from the number of 
aftermarket replacements available that  this is typical, and hence it is 
a commonly upgraded part.

Is there a  replacement which seems to be the best, or some to avoid  etc.?>>
I have had best results using the newest BMW  filler cap, along with a new 
insert in the cover, and new orings (there are two,  one inside and one outside 
the insert.)

It really  helps to remove the insert and take a piece of wet 600-grit 
WetorDry sandpaper  and lightly sand the paint in the hole to eliminate any pain 
bumps or runs. Then  apply a real thin layer of ThreeBond or RTV to the painted 
surface before  insterting the new insert and oring. Let it all set up 
overnight before  installing the filler cap and riding the bike. 

Tom  Cutter
Yardley, PA


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