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Re: Oil filler cap

In a message dated 11/3/05 9:50:47 AM Eastern  Standard Time, 
fredh@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Are you saying they  resigned the filler cap or the insert, or both?

I remove the insert,  clean it and the hole, pop in a new o-ring and press
the insert back.   It feels tight, but hasn't been sealing as well, so if
there is a newer  design of the insert that fits the same old hole, I'll buy
it!  Is there  any advantage to buying a new cap, too?>>

The  insert was changed way back around 99 or so. the cap also was changed. 
There  were new part numbers for both then. A lot of times I find that just 
using all  new parts cures the problem, when accompanied with a little sealant in 
the hole.  I think the old insert gets slightly distorted.

Tom  Cutter
Yardley, PA


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