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I've been riding 25 years now plus one year on a Harley
fifty four years ago. (lucky to get rid of that)
I just bought a 2001 R1100RT-Police bike with ABS.
For the first time in 25 years I nearly rear-ended a car as my
attention wandered.  I grabbed my brakes in a death grip and
of course they did NOT lock up on me and I was able to steer
around the stopped vehicles in front of me into the space
between two lanes of traffic. Now here is my question.
Is it possible to "lay the bike down" ?  Is it possible to "high-side"?
In my opinion these terms have become obsolete with the advent
of ABS.  In the twenty five years I've been riding, I figured if I ever
locked up the brakes, I would surely "lay the bike down".

Thanks for any discussion .