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Re: Plug replacement (was Autolite)

On 11/10/05, Seattle Dan <DanWeb@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> How often do people change their plugs? I like to do my valves/TBs every 3k
> or miles (I commute a lot) but I'm not overly crazy about changing my plugs
> that often. I have thus far and, as Tom said, have found that fresh plugs do
> make a big difference.
> I've love to know what the rest of you are doing as intervals (best to also
> specify air/oil/hex head too as point of reference).

Hexhead. I inspect them every time I take them out for a valve
clearance inspection. The most I have ever had to do is make the
tiniest adjustment to the gap. I replaced the plugs this year, even
though they looked fine (kept the used ones for spares, though) at the
24,000 mile service, if I recall correctly.

> If intervals are greater than the 3k miles, then is it possible to buy just
> plug gaskets? I don't want to reuse a plug with it's already compressed
> gasket.
> Anyone have a source for the BMW NGKs that is less that around $34 for the 4
> of them?

Try Hammersley's. http://www.webparts.com/cycles/index.htm I buy
things from them over the phone and I always have a good experience.

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