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Re: valve adjustment - feeler friction

On 11/11/05, Mark Rivera wrote:

(snip) Regarding valve adjustment on oilheads...

> I have it set where the feet are seen to barely, barely, barely pivot
> when I flex the feeler gauges... small enough that the range of motion
> is almost non-visible. Too tight? Too loose?
> Thanks,
> Mark
> 97 R1100R
Not answering, but adding a ME TOO to the request for clarity here.  I
adjust my own and, like you have apparently done, choose to be looser
than perfect rather than tighter than perfect.  My assumption being
that if too tight the exhaust valve will hold more heat.  The downside
of being a little bit too loose being a little bit of valve clatter. 
I would rather live with the noise than shortening the life of the
exhaust valves.

- -Greg Guithues.
'96 R1100GS