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Re: oilheads-digest V2 #263

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Sent: Friday, November 11, 2005 11:31 AM
Subject: Re: oilheads-digest V2 #263
snip> I consider you to be one of the most valuable of all contributors  to 
> list, and it would be a huge shame to lose you as a  resource.>>
> Thanks for that sentiment, John. I have a pretty thick  skin, and can take 
> as
> much as I dish out, so I will be here for a while. But  when I talk to the
> other guys who were here and on other similar lists, then  they bailed, it 
> is
> ALWAYS because they got tired of being attacked by a few  jerks. That was 
> not
> the case here. If it gets to be personal attacks, I will  unslubscribe.
 Tom Cutter

Ditto for me Tom.  I have been following the thread and was unaware of
any really harsh attacks upon your expertise, personality or sex life.
It has been my extreme pleasure to sit in on many of your "Panel 
With you, Oak and the "other guy" (sorry I can't remember his name).  Yes,
I believe you to have a thick skin and able to brush off differences of
opinion amongst you as being just professional courtesy.  After three 1/2 
at one meeting I finally had to leave as others were drifting off and you 
were still going strong.  Dunno if you stayed until the last member of the 
audience or not.
Since I bought my oilhead, I have unsubscribed to the Airheads list and 
your posts.  Happy you are on the Oilheads now so I can be treated to your 
and sense of humor.  I still think your are really George Carlin traveling 
No offense intended as I have nothing but respect for you and you word is 
final for me.
Fritz in Owosso MI