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Re: RID on '94 RS

That means that the double switch was already in place, isn't it???
Bob Silas
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  On Fri, 11 Nov 2005 18:35:34 -0500 "Gary Bechtold"
  <tyrohustler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
  <<<  You may indeed already have BOTH the neutral switch and gear
  position sensor installed on your tranny, so that EVERTHING you need
  (except that RID itself and the fairing panel) is on the bike ready to
  begin working with the RID.  My '94 RS is an early Beta bike, as I
  believe yours is also.  My bike had everything necessary to install the
  RID except the actual display unit and the right interior fairing panel
  with the display cutout.   >>>

  My 1995 RSL came without the RID.  Neither PO had installed it and I
  didn't check to see if it was there... I just assumed that the RS had the
  RID as standard equipment.  Every RS I had ever seen had one.  I picked
  up my new-to-me RS at night and was puzzled when the display didn't

  I bought the RID and fairing panel and installed them myself about a
  month later when the parts arrived.

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