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From: John Dancoe
Sent: Friday, November 11, 2005 3:30 PM
To: oilheads@xxxxxxxxx; John Dancoe
Subject: RE: ABS

It's my understanding that BMW ABS has evolved at least one generation
since the ABSII which came on my early '93 RS. Quite possibly a unit with a
faster modulation rate would not be affected by rough pavement the way mine
was. Maybe I'd like the Honda or Yamaha ABS a lot better. I'll find out,
because I don't plan to automatically replace my RS with another BMW.

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One rider's two cents....

For a while I had 3 bikes I rode often (every 3 days sort of thing). Two of
them had ABS -- my R1200GS and a 2002 VFR/ABS.  I'll say that, without a
(personal) doubt, the Honda ABS was FAR better than the BMW, even on the
2005 BMW model year bikes.

I define 'much better' as being more predictable / less surprising. The
Honda ABS modulation rate is much faster and it didn't have the "oh shit,
the wheel is locked; I better let go of the brakes" feel that the BMW brakes
have. I found the BMW ABS to be the equivalent of having little hamsters
repeatedly putting sticks in my spokes (ok, that's not very nice but you get
the picture) -- it's abrupt and aggressive instead of gradual and smooth.

I took the BMW onto a track day. It where it was pouring rain (actually
hailed that day) and so I decided to leave the ABS on to familiarize myself
with it. It kicked in at least 4-5 times and I didn't like any of those
experiences -- too much of a surprise, not enough 'oh that saved by butt'

On the VRF, I actually was in awe of that system. I actually tried a 40+ mph
lock-the-brakes stop on a fat, wet white paint road line (I'm from Seattle
so wet is not damp, it's wet :). The ABS kicked in sooooo smoothly. It was
predictable beyond anything I'd expect from a hard braking stop. 

It the end, I feel that I far prefer the VFR antilock behavior but I'm less
sure about which of the two would actually stop me in a shorter difference.
In the end, I don't care about that latter sentiment because on the VFR I
feel that a fist full of brake will do just fine, but on the GS I'm not so
sure and thus have trained myself NOT to take a fistful. One day I'll
encounter a log in the road per another post and I'll report back.

Dan Plastina