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Hi James,

Have you actually tried locking up a Honda of recent? :)  

I feel that this is the way they are designed -- they wait longer before
starting to kick it and they just don't modulate at the same high frequency
that do the Honda brakes. Had I tried the GS brakes first, I would have said
they are 'outstanding' compared to a bike without ABS. But, having ridden
them side by side with my VRF, I find them to be the lesser offering. On a
real hard stop on the VFR I find that the ABS modulation starts to kick in
just as the weight starts to transfer over to the forks -- you actually hear
it starting to kick it -- and then how very gradual it continues to apply
its effects. I just can't say that it's the same on the GS. On the GS I KNOW
the ABS has kicked in. 

Of course, this is just one man's opinion having tried both. I ride my GS
every day and love it, but this is one area where I don't feel BMW hit a
home run compared to others. ABS is important to me because I live in the
Seattle suburbs and commute rain or shine... and am currently dealing with
back roads covered with maple leaves and pine needles. The net result is
that I'm more cautious with the brakes on my BMW than I was on my VFR by a
decent stretch.

I also disclaim the notion that one stops sooner than the other. I just
don't know that from my experiences. 


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In the meantime before you hit that log, it sounds like you've got some 
problems with your brakes. Neither my three ABS equipped Beemers nor the 
demo bikes I've ridden, nor the bikes belonging to friends that I regularly 
ride with "have the "oh shit, the wheel is locked; I better let go of the 
brakes" feel".  The R1200GS may need the touch of a good tech if it's brakes

are anything but outstanding.

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> One day I'll encounter a log in the road per another post and I'll report 
> back.
> Cheers,
> Dan Plastina