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Re: How to make your EVO (powered) brakes less grabby (was "Re: ABS:)

In 1998, the first year I had the RS, I was riding South on HWY 1 (or 101??) after entering the USA at Port Angeles.  There were three lanes into one direction. My son was behind me on a K75.
I was doing about 65-70 mph in the center lane when a woman driver, from the outside lane turned 90 degrees in front of me towards a gas station on our left.
I don't know what exactly I did, probably jumped on both brakes in the same time (with 4 fingers),  I passed behind the car missing her rear bumper by an inch and when I came to a halt I was standing on the bike. Yes, ABS kicked in. 

Most of the time I keep three fingers on the brake, in traffic or in approaching a turn.  Through Nebraska, on empty hwy, I had no fingers on the brake lever. 

I am short, old and not very strong. When first on the RS, at parking, I dropped the bike a few times because I was to abrupt with the front brake.  I was used to bikes with single brake rotors which I could not block. (CX500, Shadow500)

If I'd brake with four fingers then, before braking, all four fingers would have to be on the throttle, as it is unlikely that I would turn the throttle with the thumb only.  In that case to release the grip and grab the lever to brake would take longer then having 3-fingers already on the brake lever. Especially, when having heavy winter gloves on, to release the grip and grab the lever with four fingers would waste a few very valuable seconds.

I should take a riding course but I am too old for that, I think.

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  The point I was trying to make is that maybe you are an exception - human
  nature will have most people braking the same way ALL the time.  Whatever
  technique you use commuting, traveling, etc is what you will use in the
  "panic" situation.  I teach beginners use both brakes and all four fingers
  every time and then when it is needed they will have maximum braking.  This
  is another reason I like ABS - I have had a few close calls plus one where I
  "grabbed" the front, low speed - low side and still managed to break my arm
  and dislocate my shoulder.  This was not on an ABS bike.