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Re: R1200S

In a message dated 11/17/05 3:53:50 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
bvaleri@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
You don't want to try catching  either an R-1 or a Fireblade with the new S. 

Before you get too  far with that statement, Bruno, you may want to meet Nate 
Kern. Nate rode his  BMW R1100S Boxer Cup bike to no less than 13 different 
AMA-CCS championship  titles this year, leaving a very large pile of sweating 
CBR, R1, and GSXR riders  sucking his exhaust. 

Three days ago at Virginia International Raceway, I  watched Nate humble 
twenty-six riders, all on their own choice of mounts (from  GSXR1000's to an 
MZ500) in a Challenge race at the Team Promotion track day. The  second place 
finisher was on a GSXR750, adn eh worked his way from the back row  to second place 
in one lap. When he showed Nate his wheel, Nate wicked up his  K1200R Power 
Cup bike and ran off and hid, taking the win in a pole-to-pole  victory. (Yes, 
I know I changed bikes in mid-story, but only to prove that  a competent rider 
will win on the R1100S, which makes 35 HP more than the  current Boxer Cup 
bikes. ) 

Tom Cutter
Yardley,  PA