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Re: R1200S

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Subject: Re: R1200S

> In a message dated 11/17/05 3:53:50 PM Eastern  Standard Time,
> bvaleri@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> You don't want to try catching  either an R-1 or a Fireblade with the new
> >>
> Before you get too  far with that statement, Bruno, you may want to meet
> Kern. Nate rode his  BMW R1100S Boxer Cup bike to no less than 13
> AMA-CCS championship  titles this year, leaving a very large pile of
> CBR, R1, and GSXR riders  sucking his exhaust.

Yes, but now we're talking rider skill. Rider skill will always make the
biggest difference given the level or power generally available today. I've
seen Francis Martin, past and current CDN Superbike champ as well as past
open class champ (not to mention my instructor at several FAST schools  <G>)
go out on the track after a school day and do laps with other Amateur
racers. He was on a stock SV650 while others were on typical openclassers,
many modified. He went out last and then proceeded to reel everyone in and
lap them.

But we're talking here bike performance. <G>

Montreal, Canada
CBR 929