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Re: 2004 R1100S Fuses

Hello Paige,

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> Hello Paige ,
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>> I think the R11s must have the worst electrical system
>> ever put on a beemer. My son melted the entire back
>> section of wiring down, That was fun sorting that mess
>> out. They use the smallest gauge wiring and it seems to
>> melt right down to the connectors so it is hard to splice
>> in a new section of wire.
> I don't understand the nature of your problem. I've had two R1100Ses, and 
> put tens of thousands of miles on them, all without a hint of any sort of 
> issue, including electrical. I wired in a GPS, intercom, and accessory 
> plug (twice, once on each bike), all without any hint of issues.
> Steve,
> note none of you accessories was added to the rear harness, I think that 
> is where the weakness in the wiring is.

Actually, I ran my intercom (switched) off a point in the rear harness on my 
first R1100S. Yeah, not a smart move, I know, but it was issue-free, none 
the less.

To be more candid, the position I take with respect to BMW's wiring being 
problematic is "prove that the issue you experienced was *BMW's* fault." I 
believe that virtually anyone can have problems with virtually anything, but 
correctly identifying fault and assigning blame is a different matter*.

- -Steve

*Standard disclaimers apply. The author does not state nor imply that BMW 
products are perfect, either in design or build, nor that repairs or service 
executed by an authorized BMW service center were carried out correctly. The 
author strongly believes in the principle of "innocent until proven guilty." 


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