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Re: 2004 R1100S Fuses

what year is your bike?  I am talking about a 2000 r11s... as I recall it only had 4 fuses, located in a very small fuse box on the left side inside the faring up behind the turn signal.  That was the only fuse I could find.
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> Anybody have any ideas?  I could  reverse engineer it, but the fuse
> sizes are very different.  I have  7.5A, but no 15A.  I'm assuming
> there are additional fuses required for  the EVO brakes.
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> What is the question here,  Wayne? Your post is very thorough, but what
> did
> you want to know?

I wanted to know what fuse protects what circuit on my 'S'.  My manual is
not correct.  I found my answer not at BMW NA, not at my dealer, but in a
Haynes manual!

F1  Monotronic control unit 10A
F2  Fuel Pump, injectors, O2 sensor 10A
F3  Horn, Auxiliary outlet, Clock   10A
F4  Instrument cluster, headlight low beam, number plate light  7.5A
F5  Headlight High beam 7.5A
F6  Instrument cluster, brake light (models w/o ABS)    7.5A
F7  Sidelight, tail light, ABS  4A
F8  Heated grips    4A