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Re: Shrieking Starter

Fred,  My brother played around with his starter ('97RS) a bit and 
indicated it was straight forward.  He ended up with bad windings or 
something and had to replace the starter.  Used a Toyota or something 
that was a direct fit and much less expensive (apparently better too!).

If you want the contact info for that starter, let me know and I will 
post it for you.

Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27

On Nov 30, 2005, at 10:46 PM, Frederick Huganir wrote:

> After 50,000 miles, my starter sounds the cry of the Banshee (if 
> you've ever
> heard a Banshee cry) once the engine starts.
> Has anyone disassembled, cleaned and reassembled the planetary gear
> mechanism of an oilhead's starter?    After twice removing the starter 
> and
> cleaning the gear that engages the flywheel, and doing some research, 
> I'm
> faced with this task.  Apparently I can buy a $20 replacement plastic 
> gear
> track from EuroMotoelectrics, but not the gears themselves.  I am 
> hoping the
> gears are fine and the track is the only problem.
> I'd like to hear about anyone's experience.  Thanks.
> Fred
> '02 R1150R