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Re: New info on R1200S

Give John a break on the Immoblizer... It is merely a device that has been used on virtually every BMW for as long as I can remember.  It inhibits your ability to say no to the salesman.  This bike ofcourse has the new and improved model, which I can tell already has many of your in its grasp since it is blue tooth enabled..it apparently can get you just over the internet.... a salesman will be at your door in the morning with your new bikes... have your check book ready....
I hope they don't find me, the immoblizer is still working on my 05 GS all too well.
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John, An electric immobilizer is what we would normally think of as a stun gun. There are two probes mounted in the pillion seat. If an unwanted hijacker should jump on the back of your bike (in the city, I presume) you just hit the button and they get 12000 volts of discouragement right where it counts! 
Bob Hadden '05R12GS, '62R27 
On Dec 2, 2005, at 9:05 AM, John Dancoe wrote: 
> "Steve Makohin" wateredg@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote: 
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> But I still don't know what an "electronic immobiliser" is. 
> Is it a beam weapon that disables the ignition systems of target > vehicles? 
> That would be waaaaaay cool! 
> John D