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Re: R1200S (was "starter motor lubrication")


From: "Wayne Woodruff" <wayne@xxxxxxxx>

> >Speaking only for myself, the lack of big factory cases is pretty well 
> >the
>>only reason for me not to replace my current S with the new R1200S.
> I would be in the same boat.  I use my bike for commuting and system
> cases large enough to carry a laptop is manditory.

My understanding is that the R1200S will have the same (or possibly similar) 
saddlebags as the new K1200S, those being "sport" saddle bags that are 
expandable, smallish, and not waterproof.

Steve's Editorial: Remember the complaints on the 'Net about the R1100S not 
being sporty enough? Too heavy. Not enough power. Now the R1200S looks more 
like a world-class sport bike (though still not a super-bike, it competes 
against the Italian "exotics"), so I guess we'll be complaining that it has 
moved too far away from the sport-tourer mark. Perhaps the R1200S is the 
perfect vehicle for current R1100S owners to trade up to a much more 
sporting R1200S, PLUS a very fine light touring R1200RT -- two bikes that 
carry out their separate missions much better that the R1100S can.

May you all be cursed with having too many nice BMW bikes to choose from :-)

- -Steve Makohin (who is still very happy with his)
 '01 R1100S/ABS
 Oakville, Ontario, Canada