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RE: [BMWMc] (No BMW content) Toronto The Good vs Ontario The Logically Challenged

Bottom reply.....

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> Subject: [BMWMc] (No BMW content) Toronto The Good vs Ontario The
Logically Challenged
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> PS: If your are not Canadian, please refrain from pointing out the obvious
> lack of reasoning on the part of some of our politicians. We are very
> sensitive to that sort of thing, and we can get feisty.


Having worked for a Municipal Government for slightly over 25 years, and
having had to deal with MANY other Municipal Governments, County Governments
and our glorious US Federal Government (through many of their various and
sundry individual Departments and Agencies), I have theorized a rule that
applies to each and every one of those Governments.  I've even gone as far
as to give this theoretical rule a name - "The Universal Rule of
Government."  The rule reads, "If it makes sense, we don't do it that way!"
Glad to see that your Canadian Government also validates my theoretical
rule.  So far, none of them that I've had any dealing with have invalidated
it, although a few have come perilously close before regaining their normal

Said Government Rule also prohibits me from parking my R1150RT (oBMWc) in
areas marked for no parking, which are too small for the smallest car,
otherwise not used at all and in which my BMW will cause no obstruction or
disruption of traffic or business.  Funny that the local Law Enforcement
personnel can park their LEO Motorcycles (not a one of which was smart
enough to ride a BMW!) there while eating lunch, though.....

Another thought - why would you open an HOV lane to vehicles with 2 people
on board?  If I want to encourage more people to vehicle pool, wouldn't I
want to restrict the HOV to vehicles that either greatly save space and
fuel, or to vehicles with a notably larger number of people in them (say 4
or more)?


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