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Re: "Life without adventure is Nothing"

Just to prove I'm not above jokes at my own expense... (I'm actually
a transplanted Vancouverite residing in Halifax now, so Steve I feel
a bit of your pain re: the cold. No snow yet though!)

My last off-topic post, promise! For my fellow Canadians and American
friends who have visited our West Coast....Vancouver recently had a
"snowstorm" consisting of about 1cm of snow that was gone in two
hours - most winters pass there without a trace of the white stuff...

Vancouver (Reuters)

Day 2 - Vancouver Blizzard 2005 - Revenge of the Commuters

Chilled Vancouver commuters faced their second day of winter hell
today, as an additional < centimeter of the peculiar white stuff
fell, bringing the lower mainland to its knees and causing millions
of dollars worth of damage to the marijuana crops.

Scientists suspect that the substance is some form of frozen water
particles and experts from Saskatchewan are being flown in.

With temperatures dipping to the almost but not quite near zero mark,
Vancouverites were warned to double insulate their lattes before
venturing out.

Vancouver police recommended that people stay inside except for
emergencies, such as running out of espresso or biscotti to see them
through Vancouver's most terrible storm to date. The local Canadian
Tire reported that they had completely sold out of fur lined sandals.
Drivers were cautioned to put their convertible tops up, and several
have been shocked to learn that their SUV's actually have four wheel
drive, although most have no idea how to use it.

Weary commuters faced soggy sushi, and the threat of frozen breast
implants.  Dr. John Blatherwick, of the Coastal Health Authority
reassured everyonethat most breast implants were perfectly safe to 25

"The government has to do something," snarled an angry Trevor
Warburton. "Ididn't pay $540,000 for my one bedroom condo so I could
sit around and be treated like someone from Toronto."

On 9-Dec-05, at 1:26 PM, Steve Makohin wrote:

> Hello John,
> From: "John Dancoe" <jdan@xxxxxxxx>
>> "Life without adventure is Nothing"
>> The definition of "Adventure":
>> Something that sounds like fun when you're sitting home by the
>> fire--and makes
>> you wish you were sitting home by the fire when you're actually
>> doing it.
> May you live in interesting times (ancient Chinese curse).
> <Sigh> It's shaping up to be a long winter. I used my snowblower
> today, the first time this season. Can someone remind me why we
> live in the country again?
> -Steve Makohin
> '01 R1100S/ABS
> Oakville, Ontario, Canada


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