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Re: Oh... Canada

Hello Tom,

Yeah, I'm feeling your pain today, as I mentioned I'm a former West  
Coaster transplanted to the East Coast (Halifax, Nova Scotia) so I  
spent the morning shoveling the white stuff from our own blizzard  
last night....oh to be back in the land of flowers-blooming-in- 
February! ;)

But to assist your search for a suitable home in Vancouver, I did a  
quick search for some little beauties...*groan*...what has happened  
to my modest homeland?! Used to be when the Canadian peso was at  
about 65 cents to the US buck, these were a bargain for those south  
of the border. With our dollar pushing 86 cents US, a little less  
attainable. Gee only 1.3 mill? I'll take two!

Funny you should mention the Midway incident, I moved out here to  
take a position flying the 737 for a local low-cost, I will be  
watching with great interest to see what the determination  on why  
the overrun. Very sad about the child killed.

Now how to tie this to oilheads..well, it was my trip across the  
country this past summer on my R850R that garnered me my present  
job...so you could say that a BMW oilhead is the reason I'm out here  
experiencing winter...already looking forward to getting back into  
the saddle next spring and riding Pac Coast Hwy down to California....


On 10-Dec-05, at 12:44 PM, Tom Brown wrote:

> Mike:
> Great stuff!   We're sitting here in Chicago with about 8" of snow,  
> high winds and 17F temps today.
> On Thursday, we had that tremendous blizzard and the plane that  
> blew off the end of Midway airport into traffic.   I was driving to  
> St. Louis at the time right through the worst of it.   Luckily, in  
> an Audi A6 and not on the RT.
> We're going to Vancouver for the holiday.   I was thinking of maybe  
> moving there someday.   Now that I know the rest of Canada is  
> jealous and they're a laughingstock, I'm hoping the property values  
> dip a little so I can afford a better place.   Thanks for doing  
> your part.
> Spread this stuff to the big list and maybe a couple porn sites and  
> there will be a mass exodus out of the city.   I should be able to  
> buy a penthouse!  (not the magazine, a real top floor)  Woohoo!
> -TB


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