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Re: R1200GS brake question

Thanks. I'll let him know. 

Actually there are a couple of used GS's within easy driving distance, with shamefully low miles. Once he buys one, I'll post where to find the other one, if anyone is interested. 

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From: Marco S Hyman <marc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 13:04:27 
Subject: Re: R1200GS brake question

"Patrick Coleman" writes:
 > A friend is actively looking for a used R1200GS, which will be his first BMW
 > (not his first bike by a long shot, though)

There are used R1200GS for sale?

 > One bike he is looking at has been advertised as 'Euro-Spec' without ABS,
 > and without servo brakes.

Euro spec: without things that are semi-standard in the US, e.g. hand
guards, heated grips, abs.

 > My question is, is there such thing as a non-servo brake R1200GS, or is the 
 > seller confusing ABS and servo?

All ABS R1200GS use Integral ABS, sometimes called ABS3.   IABS contain
what BMW calls a "brake booster".  BMW says: "An electrically operated
hydraulic pump supports the brake pressure generated via the brake lever
and cylinder."  It's that "electrically operated hydraulic pump" that is
called the "servo".

The "servo" is thus part of IABS.   A bike without ABS is necessarily
without the "servo".

// marc