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Re: New oilhead owner

Just in case:
I have two side fairings, red, for sale.
Bob Silas
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  Subject: New oilhead owner

  Hello everyone.

  Long story extremely short:  20+ years of 100+ mi/week bicycle riding  
  got to be a little much, so last spring I bought an '83 R80 and LOVED  
  it once I was finally able to ride it after its restoration.   
  Unfortunately that ride was less than two months' in duration, but  
  fortunately nearly 4,000 miles in length.

  Then someone cut me off, I t-boned their trunk, wrecked my bike.  I  
  was fine, the driver took off and wasn't found.

  Now four months later, I have a 2001 R1100RS.  Red, with BMW hard  
  sidecases (with both narrow and wide lids) and topcase, BMW composite  
  valve protectors and Throttlemasters.  And a Gerbing heated jacket  


  Ho ho ho.  Merry [insert your holiday of choice]!