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Re: Seek Comment - BMWMOA Platinum Membership

In a message dated 12/23/2005 8:33:15 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
samnt650@xxxxxxx writes:

Can you tell me who do they use for the service?

Based on my single experience, they will call tow service companies in the 
geographical area in which you are stranded until they find one willing to take 
the job.

Has someone actually call for the "rescue" and whats your experience?

Yes, once. The response and service was satisfactory considering the location 
(in the middle of the Ortega Hwy in SoCal, about half way between towns 
having tow service vehicles). The MOA covered the first 30 miles. I was responsible 
for the rest.

Does anyone know if this roadside assistance only cover motorycle or it 
includes cage?

I don't know.

Gary Prickett
Mission Viejo, CA