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Losing Another BMW Dealer


BMW Of The Tri-State in Cincinnati is going out of business within a few

>From a discussion on the Cincinnati BMW list:

"several factors...  The factory's 4th president in 4 years is a bean
counter, not a bike person (ala Roger Smith at GM).  As such, they made a
corporate decision to raise the company's profitability at the expense of
the dealers (and by default, current owners as well).  The company cut
the profit margin on bikes and parts and did away with demo allowances. 
The cost of all new generation bikes has risen substantially with the
introduction of the new models, the 04 RT at 16,300 vs. the 05 RT at
18,800 as an example."

The remaining dealers available to owners from the Cincinnati area are in
Columbus, OH and Louisville, KY.  A new Indianapolis dealer is in the
works at present. 

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