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Shoot David Robb!

Maybe it's just post-holiday grumpies, but I just saw the new K1200GT.  Ackackackackackpuke.

SHOOT David Robb!  That, or put him, Chris Bangle, and Pierre Terblanche in a barrel and float them off Niagara Falls.  Understand that the following rant deals *strictly* with cosmetics.

Of the new offerings, IMNSHO, none of them are clearly gorgeous.  The K12GT and R12ST are  grotesque, no matter how well they work.  The F800ST and the K1200R are funky at best, kind of like a blind date:  "She has a great personality..."  Bleah!   The R12S, K12S, and R12RT are good but not excellent, meaning that I wouldn't expect to see any of them in the 25yearsfromnow equivalent of "The Art of the Motorcycle."  The R12GS is the most unified looking of the bunch (according to me), but the new Adventure is too mucking futch.  Of course, they'll sell like mad, I imagine.  The F800S--I'll have to wait and see.  But I can say without reservation that it doesn't make me want to make the trek to the dealer to see it.

Just in case anyone from BMW reads this:  These motorcycles continue to be the reason I'm riding a 25 year old and a 10 year old BMW, and haven't even considered anything you've offered in ten years.

Rant off.
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