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Re: Shoot David Robb!

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wateredg@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< The book explains that BMW AG is very aware that they
 are taking a big risk with their new "styling language" (called "Flame
 Surfacing") as first seen in the 7-series, then in the 4, 5, 6, and lastly
 in the 3 (which is considered to be the "best looking" current generation
 BMW, something akin to saying that a specific meal is the best tasting
 because it has the least spam in it). >>

I'm always a bit suspicious when a manfacturer feels the need to label or 
explain a design, i.e. 'flame surfacing', there are designs such as the E Jaguar, 
Mercedes 300SL,  Lamborghini Miura, and others that will still look right 100 
years from now, I don't recall any of their makers needing to explain their 
esthetics.  Whether this 'flame surfacing' has any legs is doubtful at best.  
Even a Douglas DC-3, driven more by function still looks 'right'.