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Re: Shoot David Robb!

I am Sure that like most of you I run into 10 harly riders for every 1
bmw. I always get damn that a nice looking bike..
(2000 R1100RS). Mnay of my friends ride harlys and when we go somewhere I
don't have any problem smoking even thier best riders.. (I am nowhere near
that caliber). Yes I wish it didn't vibrate quite so much but I compensate
with 25 dollar fingerless gloves. I guess I am much more a function over
form kind of guy, but it still has to look right!!
I guess for me it goes back to the: I want a sport-Tourer. But alot of
folks don't put that kinda miles on. I got my bike 4.5 years old 3200
miles on the clock.
Used bike price I still getta break it in.
Gator in Dallas

> They get it perfect every 15 years.
> http://www.obairlann.net/~reaper/bmw-bike/galleries/r65ls-2/images/DCP00400.JPG
> http://www.boxertwin.info/wiki/?plugin=attach&refer=Gallery%2F71&openfile=yk.jpg
> Here's to 2012. :)
> Mark