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Running hot

After having the Hall effect device replaced on my 2002 R1150RT, 33K 
miles, the BMW shop replaced my engine oil with something unknown. I 
didn't notice anything unusual the 1st 200 miles back, but now the RID 
sits on 6 bars at speed in a TX 65 degree F ambient. For the past five 
years, on a hot summer day, 95 F, the RID has displayed six bars only 
after a few minutes in stand-still traffic. In your experiences, what 
features in the process of changing the Hall sensor or putting in 
non-synthetic oil (I'm guessing they lied to me and replaced the oil 
with their cheapest) would cause the engine to heat. It's not the RID, 
the engine is hot, feels hot, sounds hot, etc. The reason they replaced 
the Hall sensor is "that after having the bike a few weeks while waiting 
for a body part, the bike wouldn't start , and the tester tracked down 
the failure to the Hall effect sensor". Thanks.
Andy in Seabrook TX