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I nearly forgot about the oilhead list.  Been so few posts.
It would be nice to continue.  Perhaps we need a good thread starter.
Like what is a good oil to put in my engine?  Or what are the best tires,
sparkplugs etc.  Maybe these oilheads are so trouble free, the only thing we
can discuss is politics.
Just for the heck of it, how about this?
An acquaintenance of mine has 12 motorcycles in his garage and he has a
battery tender on each one of them.  During the winter, I plug in my one
Battery Tender into my one bike overnight about twice a month then disconnect
it.  My question is, I thought it might overcharge, start a fire or some other
dire consequence occur.  Yet this guy has 12 on all the time.  Should I just
connect my charger and forget about till Spring or NO!!