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RE: RS rear wheel spacer

> On Feb 4, 2007, at 9:33 AM, Robert Silas wrote:
> > The '94 RS pulled a lot to the left, trying to over-turn in L.H.
> > side turns.
> Funny: my '94 RS pulls to the left too, but just a bit. I always
> assumed it was by design, to compensate for crowned paving (here in
> the US). Maybe next time I replace a tire, I'll try a second spacer.

Havcing been the proud owner of an RS for  a whole 6 days (and about 300
miles) I haven't noticed any pulling - being in the UK the camber would tend
to pull you left anyway but it seems neutral. Looking at the chicken strips
it's not quite even - I'm pretty much to the edge of the tyre on the left
but have maybe a quarter inch on the right. This may well be to do with my
cornering technique more than the setup of the bike however - I think I'm
normally further over to the left as my head is away from oncoming traffic.