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Re: Quick disconnects ...

Once you do all that additions to your bike, I suggest two more:
Place the fuel filter outside the tank and
Make a direct connection to the positive side of the battery (I located mine
in the fuse box).
Bob Silas

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Thanks Guys,

CLIVE, Thanks, You gave me something to ponder. I have line clamps but
am feeling lazier in my mature years and I thought of going for QDs
for the very reason Marc said, my R1200C's a new bike to me, and I'll
be installing an alarm / immobilizer, a GPS power wire, and new gel
cel, so far. And I'll want to peek in there from time to time to check
my installations. I'm a Nervous-Nellie type of guy for the first while
(urge to check).

MARC, Thanks for the info on carrying spares and the tip on lubrication
and I'm going to look these photos over to emulate your prestidigitations :)

    >    http://www.snafu.org/pics/r1200gs/p-20050824-185936.jpg
    >    http://www.snafu.org/pics/r1200gs/misc/p-20060126-152758.jpg

MICK, Thanks for the link and list of the quick disconnects you used
and the tip to carry spares, too

    >  http://www.mcmaster.com/       http://tinyurl.com/cfb39
    >  Qty | Part Number/Description | Unit Price |Extended Price
    > 2 EA 5012K672 - Acetal Quick- $6.72 EA $13.44
    > Disconnect Tube Coupling Socket For 5/16" Tube ID,
    > 1/4" Coupler, Shut-Off Valve

    > 2 EA 5012K712 - Acetal Quick- $6.61 EA $13.22
    > Disconnect Tube Coupling Plug For 5/16" Tube ID,
    > 1/4" Coupler, Shut-Off Valve
    > Merchandise Total: $26.66

BILL, Thanks for the tip on the VITON vs BUNA o-rings
and the links and ordering information

   > Check at McMaster-Carr.  http://www.mcmaster.com/  Their pricing is
   > good and their online ordering process worked well. They stock the
   > plastic (acetal) quick disconnects made by Colder that are OEM on BMW
   > GS ADV models. They also stock Plated brass fittings. See pages 174
   > through 176 in the online catalog.

   > Order the fittings with shut offs on both the male and female
   > portion. Order the 5/16" tube size in a 1/4" connector for your

   > I bought the plastic ones. The McMaster Carr Part numbers are 5012
   > K672  ($6.90 each) and 5012 K712 ($6.78 each) for the disconnects and
   > 9464 K16 for 100 Viton O-rings ($7.54 per hundred).  Pass the extra o-
   > rings out to your buddies.

   > Plated brass fittings are available at about double the cost for
   > Acetal. The available 1/4' couplings are  for 1/4" or 3/8" i.d. tube
   > sizes, so you may have to adapt or stretch to make these work. A
   > little silicone grease is very helpful both in the installation of
   > the couplers and when operating the couplers to re-install the tank.

   > My total cost was $39.15 including shipping as of July '06.

Greatly appreciated, everyone!

Johnny oilhead.
So many roads, so little time.

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