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Off Topic

OT but it bugs me!
Pennsylvania Dutch = German
Deutch = German
Dutch = Hollander
How did Hollanders become "Dutch"?
And how did Deutch become German?
Jujst curious!
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Subject: R1100S TBS

Hi all,

I just performed a throttle body sync on my R1100S today, which was a bit of a pain. That is, until I figured out the right side pulley was not entirely against the stop, causing the butterfly valve to be ever so slightly opened.

So now everything is in sync, both at idle and off idle but I can't get the
idle rpm any lower than 1100-1200rpm. Not while keeping idle sync that is.
This seems a tad high? How important is idle sync?

It was suggested that there may be a leak between the rubber sleeves holding the throttle bodies or by the throttle shafts. Can someone explain to me how
do I check if there are leaks?

Anyone have any tips or suggestions to share with me?


throttlemeister <at> sport-touring <dot> eu
afterburn <at> crashdot <dot> com


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