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RE: R1100S TBS


> I take it the two big brass screws are screwed right in.  That's a pity
> because the rpm is just about spot on but I would have liked to achieve
> that
> at about 1 to 1.5 turns open on each screw to give you something to
> "play"
> with.

The left one is in the normal range, but the right one is only < out. Not
that it makes much difference if it is in or like that; sync does not seem
to be affected much. Which would suggest there is some air leaking
somewhere. Still need to spray some to verify.
I can feel some play in the butterfly shaft if I hold the pulley and wiggle
it up and down. I guess I am looking at a new tb, at some point at least.
Bike has 35,000 miles on the clock btw.

> Is/are the seals still on the butterfly stop screws?  Just a thought
> that

Yes, there is.

Idle while riding in 45F weather today for about 100 miles was about
1000-1100, which seems ok. I guess the motor was getting a little hot from
fiddling around and adjusting yesterday without airflow and consequently
running a little faster idle.

All: thanks for the replies so far both on and off list. This list rocks.


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