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Re: tank removing

On 2/24/07, paul vangogh <levi443@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Is a battery difficult to replace?

  If not, how do I set about removing the tank?  I see an allen-bolt on right side of bike, possibly 4 inches down....

Well if it is a 2004 R1100SA replacing the battery is pretty easy.  I
just did mine two days ago.

There are two allen head bolts holding the tank on, one on each side.
The one on the left is sort of hidden behind the air intake tube.  It,
two has an allen bolt which needs to be removed.  That will give you
just enough play to get to the left side gas tank bolt.  Then the tank
can be rotated up and back far enough to lift the battery out. There
will still be a lot of stuff attached to the fuel pump assembly so the
tank can't come all the way off. I sort of slid mine back and up and
then moved it over to the right and tilted it to the right.

My battery had a rubber strap across the top which could be slid
forward enough to allow the battery to be lifted out. Reove the
negative terminal attachment and the the positive. My battery came
with new terminal bolts, washers and nuts.

Once the new battery is installed and the tupperware replaced you need
to re-educate the computer as to max throttle.  This is done by
turning the ignition on without starting the bike and then rolling the
throttle full open and then closed fairly rapidly twice in succession.

Since you have moved the gas tank around you need to be careful that
it hasn't fouled the throttle cables and that they are properly seated
at the throttle body ends. If it seems to idle funny or won't idle at
all after the battery replacement this would be the thing to check.

There is an oilhead pdf maintenance manual floating around on the web.
Try on the IBMWR web site.

cheers... jack