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chain tensioner?

On Tue, 06 Mar 2007
Robert Silas wrote:
Subject: Re: chain tensioner?

I have a '94 R1100RS which I bought at 13,300 km on the clock. Now I have
170,000 km on the same engine without doing anyhing to it.
There was a noise at the time I bought the bike and the same noise is there
When the transmission is in neutral and the clutch is not pulled, the noise,
a rattle type noise, is there. As soon as I pull the clutch lever the noise
stops. There is no noise during riding. In the beginning they told me that
the chain tensioner produces it, later I was told that's from the clutch.
None of those parts make that noise, it comes from the transmission, a BMW
trained mechanic told me. He also maintained that I should just forget about
it, not worth taking the trani apart.
The bike runs well, no problem with shifting.
I do not know if we are talking about the same noise, but that is what my
1100 engine does.
Mr. Cutter most likely could advise you on that.
Bob Silas

IIRC, some of the early oilhread trannys were fitted with O rings to try to dampen the gear rattle you seem to be describing. My '94 RS does the same thing.

As far as tensioner rattle, mine only does it on start-up, for a second or two. I'd be concerned if the rattle went on for much longer.

Conrad Long
'94 R1100RSA
Fraser, CO, USA

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