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Re: Brake Bleeding

At 10:22 AM 3/19/2007 -0500, gator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I am about to put SS Brake lines on my R1100RS, Looking over the Brake
bleeding 101. I don't wee where they are bleading from the Master Cylinder
to the ABS unit. Is this done as a seperate step before or after the ABS
to Wheel Cylinder?
Thanks Gator in Dallas

  What I would do is first, bleed the system with the old lines so
you have all new fluid in the system.  Next, pull the calipers and
pump the pads almost closed (leave a 1/8" gap by spacing the pads
with something thin and hard), install the new SS lines and close the
system.  Ensure you have room in the master cylinder (just keep the
bottom holes covered) and spread BOTH sets of pads so all 8 pistons
are fully seated back in the calipers.  This should push enough new
fluid back into the master cylinder to evacuate all the air in the system.
  Don't bother with the ABS bleed nipples.