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Re: Easier fueling

>As I suppose all of our fuel tanks are so equipped, my tank has a recessed 
>filler tube. Once fuel gets to the bottom of the filler tube, I can continue to 
>dribble fuel into the tank for quite a while, but I don't normally do that 
>unless I'm going to head out for a ride immediately in case that extra space is 
>'reserved' for fuel expansion.
>Is all of that dribbling included in the stated fuel capacity of ~6.2 
>gallons? Without the dribbling, what should I expect to have as a total capacity?

One thing to consider.  If you consistently fill the tank really full,
you run the risk of getting gas into the charcoal canister.  If this
happens, you can actually cause a vacuum condition that will suck the
charcoal back into the tank and clog the fuel filter.  

Wayne Woodruff