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...What do we like these days?

The only complaint I've ever heard about an Oddysey battery is the price and the fact that they don't fit every bike. They work great, from all reports, and crank well too.

The newer BMW gels seem fine to me. I had one on my 1150, no problems, and have a better one on my 1200RT, again, no problems so far. (2 seasons & 30K) I use a gel Battery Tender on it now and then, not constantly. I have 3 vehicles that don't run in during the winter season. I don't leave any of their batteries on chargers all the time. Once a month or so, I'll charge them up with Battery Tenders and then unplug the chargers. Two are lead acid and one is the RT with the 2nd Generation of gel type battery. I think these newer ones use similar technology to the Oddysey, but I could be wrong about that.

If you run your bike in cold weather with 20/50 dino oil, you're going to have some cranking issues with any battery. Once it starts, your bearings will be getting a nice polishing from lack of oil too. You can switch to 10/40 in the winter, which is good, or 20/50 synthetic, which is also good. Best for cold weather is 10/40 synthetic, which BMW dealers now sell. Synthetic doesn't thicken up so much in cold weather. Huge advantage for cranking and for engine longevity.