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Re: Batteries

 > The newer BMW gels seem fine to me.   I had one on my 1150, no problems, and
 > have a better one on my 1200RT, again, no problems so far.  (2 seasons & 

I think you'll find that the battery on your R12 is an AGM battery.
AGM is NOT gel and websites that advertize "AGM Gel batteries" are
wrong.  The Odyssey battery, for example, is an AGM battery.   Both
AGM and gel are forms of sealed batteries.

 > lead acid and one is the RT with the 2nd Generation of gel type battery.

Not gel, AGM.   Oh, and both gel and AGM are forms of lead acid batteries
Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries.

See http://www.vonwentzel.net/Battery/01.Type/index.html for some interesting
battery info (written for the marine battery user).

// marc