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RE: [BMWMc] Re: MAC-PAC: BMW places 16th at Le Mans

The works R1200S finished 16th overall, a pretty impressive result on its
own. Someone noticed that the closest two-cylinder bike is a Ducati, some 16
laps (or whatever) behind the beemer, which itself finished 42 laps behind
the winning SERT-entered Suzuki.

The beemer won the Open class, but it was the only finishing Open entry!

Jean Lachaud
(Chappaqua, NY and occasionally Argentat, France:
http://argentat.free.fr/index.htm, http://tinyurl.com/oxp8b)
1994 R1100RS
1977 R100/7
ABC #8889, MOA #56663, RA #18120, YB

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I'm trying to figure out whether Nate got to ride.

Last week Brian posted that it would be cool if Nate and I BOTH won this
weekeknd. I did my part. was Nate able to do his? I can't tell from the
press release.



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