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Re: Squeaky swingarm

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From: "Mark Rivera" <marr@xxxxxxxx>

> Heads,
> My 97 R1100R 63k mi has a squeak which seems to be coming from the area 
> where the rear wheel fork (drive shaft housing) meets the rear axle 
> housing.
> Sounds like a rubbery squeak, like a rocking chair, as opposed to a high 
> pitch squeal.
> Happens (ungloriously <g>) when I sit on and get off of the bike, or when 
> the force on the rear suspension oscillates with changes in the road 
> surface. I can reproduce it by setting the bike on the sidestand and, 
> while kneeling beside the bike, forcing the rear down with the passenger 
> peg.
> I checked the boot and it's fine, as well as the fluid levels. Lube looks 
> fine, no clouding or anything. Nothing unusual has happened to the bike 
> lately.
> Any ideas?
> Mark

Probably the final drive pivot bearings are shot (the bearings where the 
final drive attaches to the swingarm). Common problem.

Ted Porter
Scotts Valley, Ca.

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