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Hello, and out of the closet

Greeting all,

I have been lurking on this list for over a year, but sooner or later one must
come out of the closet.  I signed up over a year when I was considering
purchasing an oilhead. After 23 years of riding an 84 R80RT, I finally got
bored.  ( I thought I would be an airhead forever, and cave in for modern
technology!)  Patience is a good thing, and eventually a 2002 R1150RS showed
up on the autotrader in April last year. It was in immaculate condition, and
the price was fair. It would appear the previous two owners of this bike were
not true enthusiasts, as they managed only 13k km in 4 years.  Ridiculous I
might add.

At first I thought I would have many questions for the list, but as it is,
there is so much information available on the Internet it wasn't necessary. So
far I have resolved the infamous surging with the addition of some jumper
wires, and diligent use of a Twinmax.  Replaced the rear brake pads, and all
the fluid in the EVO brake system. One of the advantages of buying an older
model of course, is that someone else has already figured things out, and
documented them in a forum or web site. Perhaps one day I will add to this
knowledge base. Anyways, I am enjoying the RS, be it commuting or weekend
pleasure rides when I can, while my poor R80 sadly lanquishes in the garage.
So far only two complaints, those silly left and right turn signal switches,
and the terrible low speed handling when the bike feels like its falling over.
regards, paul Pickering, Ont
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