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Re: brake rotors

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From: "Bill Moss" <bill.moss@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> The brake rotors (discs) on my '98 R11RT are nearing the end of their
> service life (minimum thickness measured was 0.184 inches) and I have
> been searching the web for replacements. I found
> FERODO @ ~$160.00
> EBC @ ~$210
> SPIEGLER @ what appears to be a list price of $185.00
> The original rotors are totally out of sight in price, even with a 20%
> discount.
> I'm familiar with EBC rotors (I have a set on my 1985 K100RS) but not
> with the others.
> I know Ferodo for cars but not motorcycles.
> Spiegler is completely unknown to me but seems to be carried by at least
> two BMW dealers in my area as well as a number of motorcycle performance
> shops.
> Any relevant experience and comment would be appreciated.
> -- 
> William (Bill) Moss

The Spiegler disc is not a floating rotor, so I would not recommend it. It's 
made by ABM.

The Ferodo rotor is their mid-grade "RF" series. It is a floating rotor with 
a steel carrier. So it might be a little heavier. Decent value though if the 
carrier doesn't rust.

The EBC Pro-Lite is available as a complete new rotor with aluminum alloy 
carrier, or you can get just the brake rotor without the carrier in the new 
"contoured" design which is all the rage now. You use your existing carrier 
and retainers. In this case you should get new retainers so in the long run 
it's more money, but its the newer contoured design if you're looking for 

You could be a Galfer "Wave" rotor which is high grade but kinda expensive.

I'm a dealer for all four, but I have no experience with the Ferodo rotor, 
I've just never ordered one, I'd be happy to get you one though ;-). I can 
beat that price you listed I'm sure. Seems like a good value if the carrier 
doesn't rust.

For us, the EBC is a proven product.
Pro-Lite $203.50 each complete with carrier, bolt on and go.
Pro-Lite Contour $199.00 (Brake rotor only, use existing carrier)

Ted Porter
Scotts Valley, Ca.

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