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Re: Oil Level Site Glass

At 8:51 AM -0700 5/29/07, Dean Chowenhill wrote:
The Oil Level Site Glass on my 97 GS has been "weeping" around the edges. More than one person has suggested I replace at the next oil change - some have told me detailed stories of sudden hot oil on their leg... Now is the time - I am changing fluids, filters (including fuel!) and adjusting the valves. Good time to tackle the Site Glass. I am looking for a reliable PROCEDURE, TIPS and CAUTIONS. Driving a screwdriver thru the center of the glass sounds scary to me.



Drill a small hole through the plastic window, drive in a screw, and then grab the screw head to pull out the sight glass.

I carry a spare, have not needed it in 60K miles.

- Andrew, Y2K GS