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Re: 20- 40 oil?

On Thu, 31 May 2007 14:42:06 -0700 (PDT), you wrote:

>                     For recently-bought R850R
>  In my first real oil change, a bike mechanic has recommended some 20-40 oil.
>  He pointed to a 55 gallon drum he has and mentioned  5$ per qt.
>  Should I worry about the  20-50  rubric?
>  thanks in advance
>  -------- Paul,     reader of "The Perfect Vehicle: What It is About a Motorcycle,"  Melissa Pierson,  1998

Do you have the owners manual or a Harnes or Clymer?  It usually shows
a chart of viscosity versus temperature range.  The one for my 'S'
does not list 20W-40, but does list 10W40.  The top temperature for
that oil is about 70DEGF.  It also lists 15W-40, with a top temp of >

Given that these engines run hot and lean, I'd stick with what's in
the manal.  I run 20W-50 most of the time.  10W-50 in the Winter

$5/quart?  What is it made of, premium dinosaurs?  Is it synthetic?
How many miles on the engine?

Wayne Woodruff