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Re: Replacement grip w/ Heated grips


Thanks for the reply.  I have picked up a set of grips, where the one is
larger than the other.  I haven't been able to fit it on the bike as it has
been raining and I don't have a garage.  My only question is if the larger
grip from the pair I bought fits the left grip, wouldn't I need a larger one
still for the throttle grip on my bike?  The throttle grip isn't torn at this
point so if I don't replace it I will have grips that don't match, but if I
remove the throttle grip I am afraid that I would need a grip that would be
larger than the larger grip in the pair I bought (if that makes any sense to

Steve Berto
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  From: paul kalichman
  To: Linda & Steve Berto ; oilheads@xxxxxxxxx
  Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2007 11:28 PM
  Subject: RE: Replacement grip w/ Heated grips

  Just pick up 2 pairs of standard grips from any bike shop.  One grip will be
larger then the other. The large one is for the right hand side, the throttle.
The other is smaller, designed for the bare metal bar on the left side. You
want to use the 2 designed for the throttle, toss the 2 lefts.  They will fit
your heated grips just fine.  Of course you will not have BMW grips anymore,
so if this distresses you, I advise against it.

  You must be careful removing the old grips as the heating wires can be
easily damaged.  If they are damaged, don't fret.  You can simply overlay
snowmobile heating elements on top of the old heating wires, and solder them
to the existing wiring.


  pickering, ont

  > From: s.l.berto@xxxxxxxxx
  > To: oilheads@xxxxxxxxx
  > Subject: Replacement grip w/ Heated grips
  > Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 05:39:58 -0500
  > The left grip on my 2002 R1150R has split in a few places. I tried to get
  > replacement grip at the dealer and was told that I would have to buy the
  > along with the heating element since I have heated grips. The parts
  > tried to sell me just a grip with the hopes it would fit but it is not
  > enough to go over the bars with the heating element.
  > Here are all the numbers on the package for the part he sold me:
  > B20 04 02 32 72 1 458 395
  > 58366 Handle B
  > 2848759
  > 05/045 0404025
  > I am not that familiar with BMW parts numbers so I am not sure which of
  > numbers is the part numbers so I included all the numbers on the package.
  > Does anyone know if there is just a replacement grip that I can buy (OEM
  > aftermarket) that will fit over the heating element for my heated grips?
  > Steve Berto
  > 2002 R1150R
  > Annandale, Va
  > s.l.berto@xxxxxxxxx

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