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Wilbers Shocks

I just received another e-mail from someone who had heard that Wilbers had 
turned its back on the US market. Rumors are still flying and I wanted to 

1. Wilbers is very committed to the US market.  In fact anyone can buy at 
the retail level direct from Wilbers in Germany at this point if you don't 
mind the shipping. I expect this will change in the future as the US dealer 
network is developed.

2. Wilbers is still exporting shocks to the US through its new official 
importers. The importer list can be seen here:


3. Wilbers is planning to build a USA factory so that orders can be 
processed faster.

4. Due to the change from just one importer to a few, prices have come down.

Let me know if anyone has any questions, and you can correct anyone who 
tells you that Wilbers is no longer available in the US.

Ted Porter
ABC #3008
Scotts Valley, Ca.